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EMB Controls Division have more than 80 years' experience in the development and manufacture of resistances. Since production began in 1910, EMB have supplied many different types of resistances to an ever-expanding customer base in the UK and overseas, satisfying the increasing complexity developed over the years. EMB resistances are now used in the nuclear industry, power generation, in the steel and coal industries, in cane manufacture and many more.


  • Starting of slip-ring motors
  • Plain rotor resistance control of AC slip-ring motors
  • Primary resistance starters
  • Thyrsitor controller dump resistances
  • Closed-loop speed control systems
  • Battery-vehicle resistances
  • Neutral and earthing resistances
  • Closed transition starter resistances
  • AC and DC crane resistances
  • Magnet resistances

Manufacture of EMB style resistor units for maintenance replacement and new installations are supplied via the Resistor manufacturing division including HEAVY DUTY RESISTOR UNITS for:

Plain Rotor Resistance Starting - AC Slip-ring motors e.g. Crane Hoist and Travel drives

'Microsen' Speed Control - AC Slip-ring motors e.g. Crane Hoist and Travel drives

Industrial (left) and Steelworks resistors, each with “draw out” grids feature


The Total Range Includes:

Primary Resistance Starting

Battery Vehicle Resistors

Magnet Resistors

'Dump' Resistors - e.g. for Thyristor control

Industrial Pattern Resistors




Battery Vehicle Resistor grids
Details of other types available on request

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