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For many decades Redman Broughton have supplied heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders for us in arduous conditions in steelworks and other locations where rugged, dependable cylinders are required.

Over this period Redman Broughton have gained the specialist knowledge and experience to enable the company to design and supply their cylinders for applications worldwide and use by many leading manufacturing companies.

Precision machining of components, the use of high quality materials and the use of Chevron seals for the cylinder and piston rod seals all contribute to the excellence of manufacture and to the reliability of the hydraulic cylinders.

Cushioning of both the full bore and annulus is standard with specially designed tapers on the cushion sleeve and spear which provide a more uniform deceleration.

Recessed air bleeds are fitted as standard to each end of the cylinder.

Redman Rotary Actuator

ES 160 Hydraulic Cylinder
Special designs are no longer manufactured but spare parts and complete assemblies are available for previously supplied special designs in addition to standard components and assemblies.

Pnumatic Cylinder


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