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EMB Controls Division Motor Control Panels, Low Voltage Switchgear and Consoles.

EMB have been producing AC and DC motor control panels and distribution switchgear panels since 1948 and our ability, success and reputation in this area has become widely recognized. Consequently, our control equipment, often incorporating programmable logic control (PLC) systems, is operating in major industries such as nuclear, power generation, steel, coal, automotive and water supply.

EMB sell more than just the control engineering hardware for these applications. With every control system we can supply the essential comprehensive engineering expertise which enables our customers to gain the maximum benfit and efficiency from installed systems:

  • Site surveys and assessments.
  • Preparation of electrical control specifications.
  • Detailed design packages, incorporating layouts, schematic diagrams, connection diagrams etc.
  • PLC software design.
  • Manufacture of control panels and switchgear to clients' specifications.
  • Maintenance contracts.


Manufacture and supply of new eddy current speed control systems also continues, using proprietary contactor and relay equipment, and our own Microsen Eddy Current unit and closed loop speed control system. The closed loop system does not require the use of a Tacho-generator feedback but this can be incorporated to meet special requirements.

Typical Control Panel
Seated Control Unit

Control panels of other types e.g. Direct on Line, Inverter and DC etc., can also be supplied.

Our range of services includes:

  • Site surveys and assessments
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Preparation of control specifications
  • Detailed design and documentation packages
  • Manufacture of control panels to specified requirements
  • On-site installation and commissioning

We would be pleased to arrange to visit you to discuss availability or specific requirements at your convenience.


Microsen Units – The complete range of sizes from 1D to 5CM are available newly manufactured. A complete refurbishment service for existing installations of all sizes is also available

Microsen unit size 3C
Microsen Unit Spares
Closed Loop Control Panels - Complete with Thyristor Stack Assemblies, Suppressor Assemblies, speed setting unit, etc and including Printed Circuit Control boards (PC007 & PC008) if requested
Closed Loop Control Panel Sub-assemblies  
Printed circuit control boards PC007 and PC008.
Thyristor Stack Assemblies
Suppressor Assemblies
Speed Setting Unit
  Thyristor Stack Assembly
  Suppressor Assembly


Contact Segments - Main power and pilot duty

Contact Finger Tips - Main power and pilot duty

Contact Fingers complete - Main power and pilot duty

Arc Shields (Non-Asbestos)

Finger Springs



For EMB CONTACTORS Sizes A35B, A50B, A100B, A200B (2,3,and 4pole) and Type AMCB (Single Pole)

Fixed Contacts - Main power and pilot duty

Moving Contacts - Main power and pilot duty

Moving Contact Insulated Fingers

Contact Springs - Main power and pilot duty

Arc Shields (Non-Asbestos)

Contact Springs

Pneumatic Timer Units - with contact blocks


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